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About Indian Vedic School
With changing times and scientific advancement, rather than being empowered, the human race seems to be shackled to technology. This has brought about a world of difference in the human lifestyle and nature around. After achievement of all possible materialistic pleasures, we are in search of the routine, which will help us coexist with the other inhabitants of this world and ultimately lead a peaceful life.
Courses offered at IVS

Indian Vedic School is established with the vision to introduce to the world, the most effective and pragmatic ideologies of the ancient Indian Sciences. A thoroughly researched course material is prepared...
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Exams at IVS

Exams at IVS will be as per the norms set by education board. School will conduct 3 exams. Quarterly, Half yearly and Annual exam. Slip tests will be conducted after every chapter to measure the learning outcomes...
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Franchises at IVS

We offer franchises for both existing schools and as new ventures, All course materials and other required materials will be provided by IVS, Online support will be available, Teacher training will be conducted by IVS...
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The Ayurveda & Herbal has been truly wonderful, really inspires me and is assisting me in changing and cleaning my daily habits, diet and practices. I feel truly inspired.



Introducing Yoga and Mudras in school at very young age benefited my child a lot .I see a lot of difference in his sitting and standing postures. He looks very confident now .Thanks to the school to introducing yoga at a very young age.



This program is the first of its kind and very brilliantly crafted. While designing it, the school have thought of students at every point. I feel grateful that my son has got a chance to undertake this program as he learnt and understood things, which he wouldn’t have known anywhere else. One of the best things are the Vedas & Upanishads sessions.

Vamsi Kamineni


My daughter recently participated in an online math competition. What amazed me was her speed and different techniques she used in solving the problems. All thanks to Vedic mathematics which helped her in enhancing her mathematical skills.

Prabhakar Patapati


The course was special because it was holistic. If looking for an integrated curriculum than this is the right fit. Overall, my daughters experience was absolutely soulful, uplifting and nurturing. It helped her to change her perspective.

Samba Siva Varma


Vedic mathematics helped my child focus on quick learning as the instructions are simple to follow. It is easy to comprehend, then apply and get the result. It is a rich knowledge bank which should be incorporated in our education system to enhance our learning.

Koteswara Rao


Indian Vedic School
Indian Vedic School: What lies in the Future

Established in 2017 and operating successfully since, Indian Vedic School is the first of its kind website...

Welcome to Indian Vedic School

ndia - the land of Vedas, the remarkable works contain not only religious ideas for a perfect life...

Welcome to Indian Vedic School

India - the land of Vedas, the remarkable works contain not only religious ideas for a perfect life...

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