Indian Vedic School


International Aptitude Exam

Discover the pathway to a brighter future!

Indian Vedic School (IVS) now offers school students the opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge against the best of India and indeed the world. It conducts competitive testing, unlike other competitive exams IAE will broaden the horizon of every student and build confidence in them.

IAE ’s question bank of around 35,000 questions has been prepared by eminent academicians updated regularly. For students who have an interest in or want to learn about ancient Indian literature and mythology, the IAE also offers a unique objective test on epics such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

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Where Words Speak Louder!
Stories and More
One Stop for All Bibliophiles.

Varnika presents a digital library where stories are spun from age old wisdom. This digital library presents a plethora of books in various genres for everyone's taste. A one stop solution to satiate every reader's thirst for knowledge.

FOR READERS:- Discover a plethora of stories, poem and articles. Satiate your thirst for stories from different genres and languages...

FOR WRITERS:- Weave your feelings and emotions into a well-spun yarn of beautiful stories and let us tell it...

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A Community to Unite Leranings.
A Space where Passion, Discovery and Learning Infuses.
Dedicated to Life Long Learners.
Empowering the Likeminded.

Ishva is an online learning platform which provides ……… courses for both adults and students alike. Right from training in modern skills to pursuing a hobby, Ishva presents a course for all. From beginners to advanced, different level coerces are available with experts taking you through every module. Let the learning continue with Ishva's digital learning tribune.

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