Indian Vedic School

IVS Curriculum

IVS Curriculum

IVS curriculum is based on the “NINE SPHERES OF DEVELOPMENT APPROACH” focusing on the holistic development of each and every student, Body, mind and soul (BMS). It introduces various learning approaches to meet this generations learning and development needs.

“NINE SPHERES OF DEVELOPMENT APPROACH” included in the IVS curriculum are Character, Creative, Collaborative, Conceptual, Connect, Comprehensive, Critical thinking, Communication and Cultural. This approach aims to develop compassionate and productive human beings who are capable to go global with deep cultural roots and lead an empowered life for self and those around them.

All the spheres are integrated into every lesson because “EVERY SPHERE MATTERS” for a child’s holistic development as “EACH CHILD MATTERS” to us.

The child’s imagination is stimulated and enhances the ability to create or generate new ideas. Through their imagination students will be able to find solutions for all possible questions posed to them inside or outside the classroom.

Critical Thinking

This helps students understand the logical connection rationally and not only identify but also solve the problems systematically. All the vital skills like analysis, interpretation, evaluation and reasoning is a part of critical thinking.


Empathy is developed through collaboration. Students practice social behaviour and develop an understanding of their peers’ perspective. This helps them take onus of their own learning thereby developing their leadership skills.


The children grasp broader principles or ideas and have a deep understanding about the concepts in a transferrable way, which can help them take what they learn in class and apply it across all spheres of development


Understanding the relationship and making connections between what they learn and how those concepts can be applied in everyday situations will equip them with the logical thinking and investigative tools necessary to make them a whole learner.


Comprehensive learning takes into account all the areas of competencies, skills, co-curricular and experiential learning.


Character building is an essential factor in schooling. Students will learn to lead a fruitful life by instilling respect, responsibility, honesty, sympathy and trustworthiness.


Communication development ensures students gaining the skills to understand, to comprehend and express the information or feelings. It helps them explore their surroundings and interact with others in the most appropriate manner.


The child is able to understand their own cultural values and also able to go global with their own cultural roots. The ability to empathise different cultures is a key skill or competence to become a global citizen. It increases children’s awareness, appreciation and inclusion of diverse beliefs and cultures.

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