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IVS Franchises

Indian Vedic School also offers franchises.
Desired Profile
  • Existing Schools
  • Individuals
  • Professionals
  • Educationists
  • Teachers
  • Business Professionals

We are flexible on financial terms. Your investment may range from 4 to 10 lakhs depending upon the franchise model and proposed location for the school.

Infrastructure Requirement
  • Any independent building (Single Stored/ Multi Stored)
  • Minimum area required – 2000 Sq. Ft
  • No. Of Rooms – 3 to 5
  • Preferably with little open area
  • Should be closer to residential areas.
Why Indian Vedic School Franchise?
  • We offer franchises for both existing schools and as new ventures.
  • All course materials and other required materials will be provided by IVS.
  • Online support will be available.
  • Teacher training will be conducted by IVS.
  • IVS will also help with recruitment of specialised teachers.
  • IVS will also host competitions thrice a year.
  • Certification after every level for students.
  • Syllabus and course material will be updated time and again keeping the requirements of the future generations.
  • Quality study material will be provided to students.
  • Strong backend support to all franchisees.
  • Low operating expenses & overheads.
  • Strong Marketing Support & Business Development Trainings to all franchisees.
  • Multiple (Number of Courses) earning options available to Franchisees.
  • Assured early operational break-even.
  • Sustainable and flexible business model.

We are actively seeking prospective franchise partners from all over the world.
For more on how we can collaborate on this High-potential opportunity, do get in touch with us.

Indian Vedic School
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